Future Parks Foundation

A new way to see the National Parks


    The Second Century of America's Best Idea

    Throughout the history of the National Park Service there have been numerous challenges in achieving the pioneering goal of conservation for the public good.  Today is no exception, as the National Parks are under unprecedented strain while receiving historically low levels of political and financial support.  If the Parks are to continue to thrive they will need the support of the people who love them. 

    The goal of the Future Parks Foundation is to create engaging new forms of art to cultivate the support the Parks need.  New types of media about the National Parks will spark awareness and stewarship for the next generation.  FPF will make this happen by bringing world class digital artists into the National Parks.  There they will work to bring the experience of the National Parks to anyone with a screen.



      Inaugural campaign with Android Jones


      Robots in the Rockies

      This summer the Future Parks Now Foundation is honored to host artist Android Jones in a digital painting immersion in the Colorado Rockies.  Jones is a leader in the digital fine art world and is a pioneer of digital painting and projection art, continually pushing the edges of humans, technology, and art.  As a Colorado native Android will bring his talent to his home turf to capture the raw beauty of Rocky Mountains.  Help us pioneer a new era of landscape art and awareness about public lands.  Find out how below.


      Android Jones

      Android's portfolio spans many continents, mediums and subjects.  From full-scale projections on the Sydney Opera House and the United Nations Building to intimate portraits of marriage and family Android has fully embraced digital technology to create vibrant, powerful and truly innovative art.  Always a step-ahead, currently Android is immersed in virtual reality with his new creative platform MicrodoseVR and the immersive 3D dome experience Samskara.

      Photo by Steve Stanton Photography