What We Are About

The Future Parks Foundation seeks to enhance and innovate the way we see the parks and nature.  By embracing new forms of digital media the FPF wants to bring the experience of nature to as many people as possible in as many ways possible.  To be touched by the spirit of the parks, if even only through a screen, is to become an advocate and steward of the parks.  


  • Innovate, diversify and expand the artistic output of and about national parks to cultivate awareness and stewardship.

  • Utilize and experiment with new creative mediums to reach broad, diverse, and new audiences that would not normally be engaged by traditional media.
  • Create opportunities and events to expose digital artists to the spirit of nature who can in turn convey that spirit through their art.

  • Build upon the 'in-situ', Plein Air art tradition to cultivate a new era of landscape and nature art.
  • Provide meaningful and beautuiful content to new forms of media to enhance the quality and beauty of their output and products.





A. We are a small group of former and active National Park Service employees seeking new ways to protect and cultivate stewardship in the National Parks and conservation overall. Bios and an advisory board coming soon.


A. The 2016 Centennial Celebration worked to increase vistorship to the parks but failed to garner political support nor reach new audiences of conservation.  It is the belief of the FPN that this was partially due to the use of traditional media outlets in the centennial campaign.