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Working with new visual technology in a studio is hard enough.  Harnessing the power of a digital art studio outdoors in a National Park is an even bigger challenge.  There are many steps and items needed to make new art with new gear in a new outdoor setting.  We need help to bring the power of new digital media to the heart of the Rockies.  

What your contribution will pay for

  • Outfit a multi-day digital painting campaign in the high country of the Rockies
  • Implement the pioneering use of virtual reality, 360-video and immersive digital art in a National Park 
  • Field-test portable power supplies, digital hardware and display arrays for outdoor use  
  • Document immersion with HD and 360 video
  • Facilitate the post-production and distribution of content created during the immersion 

Founder Membership

Any contribution to the Future Parks Foundation will automatically include the following benefits;

  • Exclusive invitations to the FPNF digital art event in Sequoia National Park in Fall 2017.

  • VIP invitations to the Founder's Event in San Francisco in the Winter 2018.

  • Quarterly updates that include first-release and exclusive media

  • Invitations to participate in the improvement and beta tests of creative devices and content

  • Access and use of FPNF catalog